8 Out-of-the-Box Strategies for E-commerce Businesses

To help e-commerce businesses capture customer attention in innovative ways, we’ve gathered eight unique strategies from industry professionals, including content marketers and CEOs.

From the integration of augmented reality for interactive shopping to hosting virtual try-before-you-buy events, these experts share their out-of-the-box strategies to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

  • Integrate Augmented Reality for Interactive Shopping
  • Capture Attention with Live Instagram Selling
  • Implement a Virtual Personal Shopper
  • Simplify the Buying Process
  • Attend In-Person Events for Direct Engagement
  • Create Excitement with Pop-Up Shops
  • Involve Customers in Product Development
  • Host Virtual Try-Before-You-Buy Events

Integrate Augmented Reality for Interactive Shopping

One innovative strategy that e-commerce businesses could employ to capture customer attention is the integration of augmented reality (AR) into their platforms. 

This cutting-edge technology offers customers a unique, interactive shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes. AR allows consumers to preview products in a more engaging manner—they can virtually try on clothes, place furniture in their house, or even experience services before making a decision to purchase, thereby reducing the potential risks associated with online shopping.

Precious Abacan, Content Marketer, Softlist

Capture Attention with Live Instagram Selling

Live video humanizes your business, creates an immersive buying experience, and creates unexpected moments of discovery for your followers.

Here’s how it works. Set a date and time for your live event, then tease and promote your event by using the “reminders” feature on Instagram. This will alert your followers when the live event is about to begin!

Have your products ready—you can use a “bidding” format that parallels the structure of an auction, or you can offer one-time discounts on select products. Either format creates excitement and a sense of urgency for buyers. During the live event, instruct buyers to DM their email address so that you can reach out afterward to confirm the purchase.

Live Selling events are fast, capture attention, and have been unexpectedly successful for many of our smaller e-commerce clients.

Chelsea Evans-Flower, Owner, Scott Social

Implement a Virtual Personal Shopper

A virtual personal shopper can be a game-changer for your e-commerce business. These AI assistants analyze customer preferences and browsing history to create a personalized shopping journey, enhancing user experience and conversion rates. 

They interact with customers through chat or voice, offering tailored product recommendations and styling advice when asked! Picture this as a knowledgeable friend assisting you while you shop online, even letting you virtually try on clothes using generative AI and real models.

This unique strategy captures customer attention and fosters a sense of connection and trust. As customers engage with virtual personal shopping AI assistants, they’re more inclined to explore and make purchases, creating a memorable shopping experience that sets your e-commerce portal apart from the rest of the market.

Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

Simplify the Buying Process

Customers don’t have the time or patience for a complicated buying process. That’s why we’ve embraced the philosophy of “simplify to amplify.” 

Think of it like a “magic wand” on our website—one flick and your wish is granted. We’ve taken out the friction, so you can focus on finding the piece of jewelry. I believe that a straightforward, easy-to-navigate platform not only makes your shopping experience better but also forms a lasting impression. And that’s what we’re all about.

Gary Gray, CFO, CouponChief.com

Attend In-Person Events for Direct Engagement

E-commerce businesses can benefit from attending in-person events to display their products, gather emails, and gain social media followers. While this may seem counterintuitive in the digital marketing realm, the allure of face-to-face interactions remains strong, especially in the formative years of growing an e-commerce venture.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

Create Excitement with Pop-Up Shops

Setting up temporary physical pop-up shops or immersive brand experiences is a unique way for businesses to capture customers’ attention. These pop-up events create excitement and interest around your products or brand. With this offer, customers get a chance to interact with the products tangibly, fostering a stronger connection.

Rick Elmore, CEO, Simply Noted

Involve Customers in Product Development

Empowering customers to participate in product development by suggesting and voting on new ideas is a powerful way to forge a deeper connection with your audience. It demonstrates that their opinions matter and fosters a sense of ownership in the brand. Customers become active contributors, not just passive consumers, which can significantly boost brand loyalty. 

This approach can lead to creating products that resonate more closely with your target audience, increasing the likelihood of success in the market. By actively involving customers in the innovation journey, you create a collaborative and co-creative atmosphere that reinforces their attachment to your brand, ultimately driving customer engagement and advocacy.

Sacha Ferrandi, Founder and Principal, Source Capital

Host Virtual Try-Before-You-Buy Events

Hosting a Virtual Try-Before-You-Buy event is one of the innovative methods for e-commerce businesses. In these events, product demonstrations are given, and participants are encouraged to join workshops. It portrays the products in action, giving customers a clearer sense of their function and benefits, thus encouraging them to make a purchase.

James McNally, Managing Director, SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]

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