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Luxuries to Expect From the Best Resort in Nadiad?


There are many top-tier resorts in Nadiad or near by Anand & Nadiad where you can stay, organize high-level corporate meetings, play your favorite sports with your friends, relax in the world-class spa, or spend quality time with your significant […]

resort in nadiad
resort in nadiad

There are many top-tier resorts in Nadiad or near by Anand & Nadiad where you can stay, organize high-level corporate meetings, play your favorite sports with your friends, relax in the world-class spa, or spend quality time with your significant other.

No matter what you are looking for. There are numerous resorts in Nadiad to conveniently fulfill your needs. But there must be one that should be crowned with the tag of ‘the best’, as there is and should be a winner in the race.  

We conducted thorough research on all the world-class resorts in and near the Nadiad district. According to all the parameters, we found ‘Neonz’ to be the best resort in Nadiad district.

Let us take a look at what sets it apart from all the rest of the resorts in Nadiad, a city in Gujarat, located near Anand. But before we look at the world-class facilities at the resort. Let us take a look at some of the honorable and luxurious resorts near the Nadiad and Anand districts that were found during our research process. 

Popular Resorts in Nadiad

Below is a complete list of the best resorts in and near Nadiad and Anand district

  1. Noenz Resort and Club
  2. Boulevard 9 Luxury resort
  3. Jalashary 
  4. Nilkanth resort 
  5. Jay Jaliyan resort 
  6. Khizra resort 
  7. BRG Riverfront resort

What Makes Neonz the Best Resort in Nadiad?

While selecting the best resort in the Nadiad area, we used several parameters. On the basis of this, we judged all the resorts in Nadiad. Below are all the factors through which we have chosen the ‘best of the best resort in Nadiad district.  

  1. Amenities
  2. Hospitality and behavior of service providers and room service 
  3. Accommodation
  4. Facilities
  5. Overall Cleanliness  
  6. Location of the resort
  7. Value for money 
  8. Fitness center  

Keeping the above list in mind, we conclude that Neonz is the winner of the race. Allow us to take you on the journey of this Resort. Let’s explore what you will get and what to expect here

Location of Resort   

The resort is located on Dabhou-Malataj Road. It will be very convenient if you take or hire your own vehicle. As it is located in the suburb of Nadiad, it is difficult to get local transport.

Even if you get one, you will have to pay a hefty amount of money, which is not worth it. Hence, it’s better to get your vehicle. If you have a large group, you can hire a small bus, jeep, or van according to your group size. 

Things That Make This Resort Special 

Now, it’s time to unfold what makes Neonz special. Well, there is not just one thing, there are several modern amenities and facilities that this resort has to offer that set it apart from its peer competitors. Let’s explore each one of them. 

  1. The location on the outskirts of Nadiad is carefully chosen. This location makes the resort absolutely free from pollution, taking complete care of their guests. 
  2. They provide several styles and themes for the room. You can choose the one that amuses you the most. Below are three different styles of rooms they offer for accommodation. 
    1. Royal villa 
    2. One-bedroom water chalets 
    3. Two-bedroom water chalets 
  3. Royal villa-style rooms are further subdivided into eight different themes. Let’s explore them;
    1. Ukumbi wa Kenya 
    2. Cleopatra’s chamber 
    3. Casa Imperial de Mexico 
    4. Palais El Bahia 
    5. Huandi De Shi 
    6. Mikado No Heya 
    7. Rajputana Ratna 
    8. The Lincoln Suite

      resort in nadiad
      resort in nadiad
  4. Their premises also have facilities for small, medium, and high-level corporate events with high-speed Wi-Fi. Below is the list of different types of corporate events you can host at this resort. 
    1. Seminar 
    2. Workshops 
    3. Conference meetings 
    4. Convention 
    5. Corporate Outing
  5. They also offer an exclusive package for destination weddings, besides top-of-the-class wedding service and accommodation. You will be surprised by the soothing farm side location for the pre-wedding photoshoot, farm party, and banquet hall by the side of the swimming pool. 
  6. The Resort is also an excellent picnic spot for children and adults. You will be surprised to know that they have separate indoor and outdoor premises. In an indoor facility, you can play Jenga, Bounce Of, carrom, monopoly, scribble, table tennis, food ball, air hockey, and the list goes on. If you are looking to get covered in sweat and burn some calories, then here you can play Cricket, football, Archery, lawn tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, trampoline, and much more. 
  7. Further, they also provide dedicated packages for corporate events, weddings, romantic nights, and romantic dinners. 

Value for Money 

Luxury has its own price, and Neonz is one of the most luxurious 5-star resorts in Nadiad. Hence, it may seem overpriced to many. But, when looked closely, the facilities you’ll get in this resort are unmatched by almost all the resorts near Nadiad and Anand. These modern amenities conveniently provide value for money. Hence, it is a resort you must explore and try at least once in a lifetime to get the out-of-the-world experience of a posh and royal lifestyle.   

The amount of per-day stay is ₹14.2K 

They have two packages for picnics for around ₹2k 

Reviews of the Resort

Noenz has received more than five thousand five-star ratings on its Google Business Profile. The overall rating of the resort of 4.8, which is the highest in the area. The rating story is similar when we look at other business rating websites. It clearly shows that it’s the favorite among people in the Nadiad and Anand districts. 

Below are the ratings of the resort on various other websites

  • Tripadvisor – 4.5 
  • Goibibo – 4
  • Make My Trip – 4.3
  • Agoda – 7/10

Booking – 8.2/10

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